David Woodhead’s Confabulation
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         Bassist and multi-instrumentalist David Woodhead is one of the most accomplished and truly original musicians in Canada, and his whimsical and rambunctious Confabulation is a thrill-ride for players and audiences alike.

         As a versatile and sympathetic session player, his work can be heard on well over 250 albums including many by Canada's finest contemporary folk artists. In concert he has played the Montreux Jazz Festival with Don Ross and Oliver Schroer, the Calgary Folk Fest with Gil Scott-Heron and worked with saxophone legend David Sanborn.

         He was the long-time bassist for Canadian folk legend Stan Rogers, worked extensively with Loreena McKennitt, Valdy, and visionary violinist and composer Oliver Schroer. Recently he has toured the US, UK and Australia with master songwriter James Keelaghan.

         The band is the perfect vehicle for his genre-defying musical eclecticism: melodic fretless bass, harp-like fingerstyle ukulele, intriguing time signatures and some unexpected chord changes. All are blended seamlessly together in riveting compositions that range from the quirky to the kick-ass to the contemplative.

         Not surprisingly, the Confabulation is also a showcase for Toronto’s hottest musical innovators, counting among its 20-odd alumni artists such as Jaron Freeman-Fox, Rich Brown, Anne Lindsay and the Shuffle Demons’ Richard Underhill.


The current line-up:

     Keyboardist Doug Wilde has performed with Leonard Cohen and Jane Siberry, and is a respected composer and musical director of the seminal Canadian world/jazz/fusion band Manteca.

     Reeds player Colleen Allen has performed with Anne Murray, Rita MacNeil, Gino Vannelli, Ani DiFranco, Holly Cole and Cirque du Soleil.  She’s currently a member of Molly Johnson’s band.

     Rich Greenspoon is known for his work on drum kit in the African music scene, notably with Njacko Backo.  He was a member of Oliver Schroer’s Stewed Tomatoes and performs with Woodhead in the mischievous Betty and the Bobs.

     Guitarist Bob Cohen is best known for his six-year tenure touring and recording with Jesse Winchester, but he also spent years as a session player in Montreal earning credits with Felix LeClerc, Diane Tell and the late legendary songwriter Tim Hardin.

More about David Woodhead:

         Whether it was entertaining friends with his parents’ Folkways record collection or listening to early twentieth-century repertoire on a player piano during summers in Vermont, David Woodhead’s childhood was filled with music.

         He began playing banjo at grade school assemblies in Montreal and moved to Stratford, Ontario after university, where he joined the groundbreaking Perth County Conspiracy.  That led to a thriving career as a freelance musician that brought him together with Stan Rogers.

         He spent two years on the West Coast with the trio Island before returning to Ontario to work with Sneezy Waters, Valdy, Brent Titcomb and Scott Merritt, eventually (1988) hooking up with Oliver Schroer and Don Ross in the group Eye Music.

         When not performing with the Confabulation, his most recent projects include gigging with Malagasy guitarist Donné Roberts, Nordic classical-folk fusion band Ensemble Polaris, veteran nine-piece jazz ensemble Manteca, and Tibetan multi-instrumentalist Dorjee Tsering.

Confab’ul/ate, v.i.
  1: engage in conversation: talk.
  2: fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory...