The Imaginary Album
recent videos - songs and musical explorations

What Is The Soul Of A Man?

    from Blind Willie Johnson, 1933.

"Boating" - Bartok's Mikrokosmos #125
with some danger implied....

"Ping" - extrapolating music from swirling ping-pong balls.
"Springbegin" - taking it extremely slow as life awakens.
Burlew's Paradox
     a fantasy with stacked fourths

Little Truck's Trek
     his journey and quest for companionship
Have a Little Faith
     from Mavis Staples

Receita de Samba

    from the Brazilian Choro repertoire

Door Number 3

     a hexachord piece by Doug Wilde

Sheep May Safely Graze

     by David Essig

Andrew's Waltz
    by Willie P Bennett

    by Emilyn Stam and John David Williams

The Meteor Crater At Cumberland Gap

    the layers of the past

Three Mikros
    Bartok-ish for stringed instruments

Bridging Division: The Blue And The Gray

    honouring both sides in 1867


2020 April
    a time of disorientation

The Lobster's Promenade

   from the classic banjo repertoire c. 1903

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

   written 1918, still the truth.