In July, 1978, I visited Kaslo and Sandon, BC and recently scanned my negatives from that trip.
In November of 2012, I finally went back and remembered what an impression it made on me.
Sandon was originally the
mountain terminus of both the Kalso and Slocan narrow gauge line and a CPR branch.

Sandon, showing the flume plugged with debris that destroyed much of the town in the 1955 flood., ,


Tin Cup Cafe and ship.

Sandon - the Tin Cup  Cafe. We're heading in for refreshments.

The original K&S station in Sandon.

Sandon, Silversmith powerhouse.

Sandon, rear of Hunter-Kendrick brick building.

Sandon -  Peterson's Firehouse wall. This display is still there, in fact more complete!

Sandon ore bin.

Sandon mill - this is still very much operating in 2012.
Sandon Tin Cup  Cafen Tin Cup  Cafe

Wreckage of Sandon.

Looking up to the station at Sandon. This road continues on to Cody.

Sandon lower block fronts.

The K&S Railway warehouse at Sandon.

The original K&S station at Sandon. Burned in 1983, it has been replaced by a replica.

Sandon - Hunter-Kendrick block on the left, the only brick building in town.

Overlooking Sandon.

Sandon from the Tin Cup Cafe.

The dome in Sandon.

Hobbit at Sandon - we stayed overnight in this dome - oh, that's me!

Sandon City Hall.

Rosebery barge slip.

Rosebery barge slip.

Rosebery looking down toward the barge slip.

Visiting Rosebery - a little shed with the name of the town and flat cars with poles to be shipped out on the barge. af

The switch at Rosebery - the line coming toward the camera leads to the barge ramp, off to the left is toward Nakusp.

Looking down to the barge ramp at Rosebery.

Buildings at Rosebery.

Buildings at Rosebery.

Mine remains along the road through the Valley of the Ghosts.

Near Mile 9.9 with mine remains still in place. Between Zincton and Three Forks.

Sandon, looking up at the Ruth Mine high above the town.

Bear Lake - the CPR grade on the far (North) side.

Bear Lake.

Bear Lake.

CPR grade through the "Valley of the Ghosts".  Not part of the K&S, this was built to connect the two lines.

New Denver. Busy notice board!

New Denver - I think.

Ainsworth - still there, a little cleaned up!


Ainsworth Hot Springs entrance to the "cave" with local colour (sorry, Paul!).

Ainsworth Hot Springs pool.

The Silver Ledge Hotel in Ainsworth.
Burned June 3, 2010. A video of the fire here.,